Summer Driving Tips

With the month of May already halfway behind us, the realities of summer driving are coming quickly. While the summer may mean a relaxing bout of beach trips, vacations, road trips or a spirited drive ‘just because’ for you, summer can be a stressful time for your car. Here are a few things that Automotive Emporium recommends for keeping your car cool in the hot months.

1. When your car gets hot, it can really stress some of the rubber parts within your engine, specifically: belts and hoses. Be sure to look at your timing belt, serpentine belt, vacuum lines, or other rubber parts under the hood and make sure they are good to go. If you see a crack, chip or signs of stressing… call us up before things get worse.

2. Fluids. Fluids are just as important to your car during the summer months as they are to you, in order to keep from overheating: you must stay hydrated. When the engine is cool, inspect the coolant reservoir to ensure that it contains the prescribed amount of coolant. Be sure to check your windshield wiper fluid, and oil level while you’re at it.

3. During the summer, having the windows down is fun, but sometimes you will have to rely on your air conditioning system to break through the summer heat. To check the system, let the engine warm up, and turn on the AC. Is it cold? If not, take it in and we’ll inspect it for you and check for leaks.

4. Summer can be really hard on your brakes as well. Brakes and Brake Pads operate at such a high temperature already that any added heat will cause them to fail early. If you can, just visually inspect them. If you can’t, roll down your windows and listen in. Do you hear grinding or scraping? That could be the sign of new pads. Call us up if that’s the case.

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